Lahnstein Beer Seminar
“Beer Related Specialties”

More and more beer lovers in Germany draw their focus beyond the unimaginative, interchangeable, poor in flavour, but rich in advertising so called television beers. Instead, they are looking for the natural, the intense, the original taste of beer. Most members of this new generation of beer geeks are hedonists and, beyond their favourite beverage, open to new taste and aroma experiences. As a consequence, more and more small breweries start to create a culture of beer related specialities.

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warm beer liquor with whipped cream

It was precisely this development, what the Lahnstein Beer Seminar on 22nd November 2012 was all about. Thirteen gourmets had gathered together to learn to know and to enjoy not only the beers of the Lahnsteiner Brewery, but products such as beer mustard, beer sausages, beer cheese and beer noodles as well. Brewery owner Markus Fohr presented a whole range of regionally produced food, developed and marketed by his brewery; and the seminar participants enjoyed the opportunity to taste them. Be it slightly salted malt for nibbling, beer liqueur in different versions, even hot and capped with a dash of whipped cream, be it beer spirits, beer chocolate or even a beer soap (well, the latter not foreseen for immediate consumption during the seminar…) – in the recent years, a whole product range related to beer was created in the Lahnsteiner Brewery and is sold successfully.


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