Hiking Tour de Bier 2013:
Mudau / Odenwald
13. to 15. September 2013

Weekend 13th to 15th September 2013 saw the third edition of the already traditional Hiking Tour de Bier – this time in the small town of Mudau in the middle of the Odenwald Region.

After a quick check-in in the local hotels, our group met on Friday afternoon for the first walk through and around Mudau. Interesting destinations were the historic triple gallows on a small hill not too far away from the town, a nice meadow area, where we were provided with some fresh regional beers, and finally the Riesenmühle, where we should have got freshly smoked trout for dinner.

Wandertour de Bier
Hiking Tour de Bier 2013

Should have, indeed, because due to some bad co-ordination, Herbert was convinced that he should have prepared the trout not for 13th September, but for 13th October instead… After having clarified the confusion, we improvised a rustic dinner and whilst drinking some extremely good beers from Siegbert’s home production, we had a lot of fun.

A quick shuttle back to Mudau, and then we closed the day with another dinner at the “Löwen Inn”, talking beer and politics.

After another short confusion about departure time, Saturday morning started with a stroll to Norbert Käflein’s collection of funny old items. Cars, radios, fire brigade’s equipment or whatsoever, everything collected in a huge old barn and waiting for better times… Next, Norbert showed us the way through the forest to an old pump station, took us on a journey through time back into the early years of the twentieth century and provided us with a view of old technology and an interesting insight in a not very comfortably way of living in these poor times.

Wandertour de Bier
lentil stew and fresh beers

Five kilometres fast walk through the forest, and Helmut was waiting with a huge pot of lentil stew and some fresh beers. Great!

Next destination was the medieval Wildenburg, where we got a tour of about 60 minutes, culminating in climbing onto the old donjon and enjoying the perfect vista over the Odenwald Mountains.

Another quick stop with fresh beer from Helmut’s car trunk shortened the way to Buch, where the shuttle waited for us to bring us back to Mudau. A quick shower, and we were ready again for the dinner and lots of beer in the “Lamm Inn”.

Wandertour de Bier
an evening in the “Lamm Inn”

Sunday morning, 11:00 h, saw us already bemoaning the way to early end of this tour weekend. We have not visited any brewery this time, indeed, but it has been a nice and interesting hiking tour with a lot of good food, fresh beer, and in particular, some great homebrew from Siegbert’s home production.

Warm thanks to all the organizers, and there is no doubt left, that we will reconvene next year for the next edition of our Tour de Bier.


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