Browar Zwierzyniec

The Zwierzyniec Brewery celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2006. Located at the edge of the environmentally protected park of Szczebrzeszyn, the brewery was erected between 1802 and 1806 and initially specialized in the production of British beer styles, as reflected in its original name “Browar Angielski” (“English Brewery”).

a nice, but worn out sign above the entrance gate

Over the decades, the brewery developed an excellent reputation throughout Poland, which also did not suffer from the fact that during the First World War production ceased for a few years, during the Second World War the brewery fell into the hands of the Germans, and after the Second World War the production was nationalized and integrated into the Lublin Brewing Company.

Along with the Lublin Brewing Company, the plant in Zwierzyniec was privatized in 1992, but after some confusion about the development of the leasing contracts, production ceased in 2008. Since 2010, all operation stopped completely, and the town of Zwierzyniec is looking for a new tenant.

the attractive brewery building

As we drove past the brewery on 24th April 2011, we did not see too much – as expected. A nice sign above the entrance gate, which still reminds us for the 200th anniversary in 2006, a billboard at the entrance and, of course, the very attractive brewery building itself, right on the edge of the natural park. The Zwierzyniec Pils is still available in the regional market; it is produced under licence as a brand at the Perła Brewery in Lublin.


Browar Zwierzyniec
ulica Browarna 7
22-470 Zwierzyniec

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