Die Gläserne Privatbrauerei Schad

The history of the Schad Inn reaches back to the days before the political changes – it was already in 1983, when it was opened as “Ingo Schad’s Speisegaststätte (Ingo Schad’s Food Restaurant)”. Ten years later, after the changes, it was converted from a food restaurant into a restaurant brewery, and in 2010, a brewing plant made from glass was installed. It is easily visible from the street side as well as from the restaurant area, and the guests can watch the brewer working – a truly glass brewery, i.e. Gläserne Brauerei.

the glass brewery

The restaurant itself is very cosy. Under thick, dark wooden beams there are many bigger and smaller tables, partly in a large room, partly in small, cosy corners. On one of these round tables, there is even a model train that transports salt and pepper shakers from one guest to another. At the ceiling, between the wooden beams, there are planks on which many, many different beer bottles are collected.

The food is cheap and good – the portions are not only big, but also tasty, and the all-you-can-eat buffet, which is on offer during the week at lunch time, costs just € 5.90, and it offers a really good selection of hot and cold dishes, including various soups, cakes and desserts. There is something for everyone.

the model train

The locally brewed beers focus primarily on the typical brew house standard triplet: Light, Dark, and Wheat; however, there are some seasonals as well. During our visit on 2nd January 2012, we could still get a taste from the Nikolator Doppelbock, a very dark and really strong beer with 16.9° original gravity, and alcohol content of 8.9% by volume. Yummy!

All in all, it is a nice little brewpub, which also calls attention with theme nights (Western Dinner, Criminal Dinner, and other entertaining events).


Die Gläserne Privatbrauerei Schad
Reilstraße 10
06 114 Halle
Sachsen Anhalt

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