Minibrowar Haust
Zielona Góra

Minibrowar Haust is one of the older brewpubs in Poland. It is located just about 200 m from the pedestrian zone in the centre of Zielona Góra. The building is beautifully restored, and on the outer wall proudly flaunts the enamel sign which tells about the brewery’s third place in the Polish craft brewers’ competition 2007, category Wheat Beer.

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nicely located at the Plac Pocztowy

Stepping into the tap room, the visitor immediately finds the brewing vessels to his left, according to their labelling co-financed by the European Union. The tap room itself is papered from top to bottom with beer coasters and some additional bottle caps and enamel signs – hundreds of sometimes exotic breweries are represented, and browsing through the variety can keep the visitor busy for a long drinking night, taking him onto a beer tour around the world.

Usually, the staff is very friendly, but they are busy – a lot of different food and beer has to be offered, explained, and served in time. The choice of beers produced on site is usually around five different ones, and a beer card on each table reports about their characteristics in detail – the only information missing was an indicator on the alcohol content.

On the day of my visit – 17th June 2009 – I had the chance to taste the following beer range: Red Haust, excellently hopped, very bitter without being too intrusive, with a strong character and a hint of smokiness; Jasne, a Pilsner type beer, crisp, tart and with beautiful hop aroma; Pszeniczne, a German Wheat Beer type, with a strong aroma of cloves and a full body, a beer to chew upon; Czarny Bock, a black bock beer with a slightly metallic smell, but otherwise excellent – full bodied, round and malty, with a slightly roasted flavour; and finally Porter, jet black, roasty, bitter, but at the same time aromatic, hoppy and malty – truly a great beer!

Summarizing my impressions: Rating it from the point of beer selection and organoleptic quality of the offered beers, Minibrowar Haust is currently one of the best brewpubs in Poland. Kudos!


Minibrowar Haust
Plac Pocztowy 9
65-001 Zielona Góra

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