Hotel & Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen

From 22nd to 24th April 2005 we had chosen Hans Ludwig Straub’s Drei Kronen as the basis for our annual Tour de Bier – and the brewery served not only as beerological centre of the tour, but as a good and stylish, very comfortable accommodation as well.

The brew house has grown over many decades, if not centuries, and combines modern elements with ancient components as for example the old copper cooling trough or cool ship, as it is called in the region.

Hans Ludwig Straub, guiding us through the brewery, nearly burst with enthusiasm and not only introduced us to every single detail of his brewery, but let us taste his beers as well. Every now and then, he brews new specialities and serves them in the brewery’s restaurant – paired with dishes that fit perfectly with these beers.

We were highly satisfied and enjoyed not only the brewery with the restaurant, but the cosy beer garden as well, where we enjoyed the glorious sunshine.

Hans Ludwig Straub is not only known for his brewery; he is the driving force behind the collaboration project “Private Brewery Guest Houses” (Private Braugasthöfe), too. The association counts well over seventy Brewery Inns and Guest Houses from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark, and we could not have chosen a better basis for our Tour de Bier than the mother ship of this association!

Post Script 29 December 2012: At the turn of 2011 / 2012, we spent a one-week vacation in the Drei Kronen, and it was the perfect decision! The Straub family pampered us from the beginning to the very end by providing best service and great cuisine, culminating in a Beer Culinarium – a multi-course menu where each course was prepared using beer and was paired with perfectly matching different beers.

Of course, our visit included a guided tour through the brew house again – and again we got a lot of detailed and humorously presented information and a deep insight into the daily brewing business of HaLu Straub and – this has changed since 2005 – his daughter Isabella. After all, it is her, who now wields the sceptre at the brew house and is responsible for the excellent standard of the different beers.


Hotel & Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen
Hauptstraße 19
96 117 Memmelsdorf

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