Brunnenbräu …
… is Taking a Break

Transmission Break

Dear Friends and Beer Aficionados all over the world!

Brunnenbräu is taking a break. Even a longer one.

Transmission Break

As most of you know, besides being a beer writer, I’m also employed in a “second job”, and that will keep me from writing for the coming weeks and months. Currently, I am in corona quarantine for a fortnight and will then fly to Kabul in Afghanistan to serve the international community over there.

Kabul is waiting for me

Not only will I not visit any breweries or drink any beer in this period, but most probably I will not even have the time to write. Maybe I can find a quiet moment every now and then to reconstruct an old blog post from the past, but maybe not.

So, take care for a while and see you soon again. Whenever “soon” will be.

Cheers and stay tuned!


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